Thursday, May 24, 2012

Choice Made

I really appreciated all your input on my last post.  It was such a difficult decision not knowing what the judges look for in a photo, and never having entered a contest.  Heck, I have been taking pictures for less than a year and only with a big girl camera for 6 months.  In the end I decided it was all for fun anyway and made a choice.

So many of you gravitated towards my fog photos.  They are some of my favorites, and it is on my summer list to have framed for a photo gallery wall.  I was concerned that they may not have enough color (again, not knowing what a judge looks for).

The trucks were a fan favorite as well, but again I was worried about color.  I took that photo in winter and thought the grass was green, the trees were bare, and so the background is a little bland.

The fire pictures were tempting, but the coffee pot has a little too much smoke which makes it too much of an effort to see the details in the focus field.  Again, one of my favorite photos ever.  The empty chair was a strong option, but I was concerned it didn't have enough interest.

Bottom line, I went with the bridge.  I thought it had a good range of colors, a nice balance of focus and blur, and I like the story of old nature in contrast to man made.  I wish the sky had been more blue, but what can you do about big city smog.

One of the categories is called Fan Favorite.  If you would like to vote for my photo, or another one you like, I will post the facebook link.  Thanks again for taking the time to read my blog, look at my pictures, and giving your input.