Saturday, May 5, 2012

Boston Creme Pie

One of my coworkers is celebrating a birthday this weekend.  Happy Birthday, Allie!  Amanda brought cinnamon rolls for breakfast, Bethany made a sign and picked up a gift card to Spoons (yogurt shop), and I baked a cake.  Ever since my son made his decision to go to Harvard Law School I have been wanting to make a Boston Creme Pie, and this seemed the perfect opportunity.

Cut both cakes in half; layer with vanilla creme
There are so many recipes out there but I was able to narrow it down to one I found on

4 layers of yum.  Should have put more creme on the bottom layer.
Very simple recipe for those without a lot of spare time, blending a box mix cake with homemade vanilla creme filling and ganache.

2 bars of Ghirardelli for the ganache
There isn't much better than melted chocolate.  The color, the texture, smell, and taste.  If you scoop it up warm with your finger to taste you even work in the 5th sense; touch.

I love how shiny melted chocolate gets.
Getting it to school was tricky.  A shelf from my closet and a few rolled towels helped keep it from tipping over on the journey.

My cake seat belt
Allie was happy and cut each of us a big slice.

Her hands were clean, I promise.
Though I really liked the ease of this recipe, I prefer my own vanilla creme recipe.  I posted it before at Welcome to Chez Templeton  when I made creme puffs for a lunch with friends.  It was smoother and had more flavor.  I also like the color better.  Going back on my blog to find that post reminded me how much I enjoyed everything I made that day.  Check it out.

Here is the link to the Food TV recipe that I used.