Sunday, April 29, 2012

Wiener Races 2012

We spent the day today in Buda, Texas at the 15th annual Wiener Dog Races.

We got there a little early to get a good seat.

The stands were not full yet, but by the end of the day you could not get a seat.

It was funny watching the owners at the finish line with their squeaky toys encouraging their doxies to run.

Our first race was a lot of fun.  No squeaky toy, just Trevor calling "T-Rex!"  Click the arrow to play video.

After his second place finish we wandered the fair to see the sights.

It would not be a fair with out a row of these guys.

After lunch, T-Rex was ready for round two.  Trevor and Regan gave him some last minute advice.

Trevor headed down the track with the other owners.

Another 2nd place finish and on to round 3.  Again, click the arrow to view video.

No video for this heat, just stills.

The little guy didn't win, but he sure ran hard.  Honestly, I think he really enjoys the racing.