Sunday, April 8, 2012

Snake Week

For some reason this was the week of the snake at Ranch Templeton.  It's not the first time we have encountered these wriggly guys.  Last year, August 25th, I got this photo of a Timber Rattler on my driveway.  I wish I had my big girl camera back then.  Oh the shot I could have gotten with a zoom lens.

And this Corn Snake was shot (with my old Olympus camera not my husband's shotgun) in the front yard,  August 19, 2011 while I was trying to get a picture of our gopher.

This week we found a couple new guys in the yard.  First was a beautiful Copperhead that was curled up under some trees.  His face was injured by some flying sticks while Breck was running the weed wacker.  He was fine, though.

And here is Coral Snake we found as well.  His color is amazing.  This was on April 6th of this week.

They sure move fast and are much longer than I expected.  I couldn't even fit his whole body in the frame.

That may or may not conclude Snake Week.  We will wait and see if any other creatures slither up.