Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Passionflower and Other Beauties

I had never seen one in the wild.  I can't say I have ever seen one in person.  Passionflower.  I found one by accident this weekend while looking for goats (that's a whole other story) near my house.

Do you know the history of this odd looking flower?  I love this story.

The Spanish used this flower to explain to the Native Americans they encountered the story of the Crucifixion of Jesus.  The parts of the flower were used as symbols.

  • The Passionflower leaf is spear shaped - the Centurion's spear used to pierce Christ's side
  • 3 Stigmas - three nails or the Holy Trinity
  • The flower has 5 stamen - the five wounds of Christ
  • 10 petals and sepals -Ten apostles (sans Judas the betrayer and Peter, who denied Christ)
  • The ring of 72 filaments -Christ's crown of thorns
  • The purple color of the Passionflower - Christ as King
  • Passionflower is a vine - God will support his children, they only need to hold on
  • Vine tendrils - the lashes received by Christ
After reading this, I went back to get more photos to illustrate the parts of the flower.  Unfortunately, the flower only lasts one day and there were no new blooms.  I went ahead a made a graphic showing the parts of the flower from my original photo.

Here is a picture I was able to get of the leaves that look like spear heads.

I also read that I can cut an 8" piece of this plant, stick it in the ground, water it, and it might grow.  I may try this.  How cool would that be if it worked?

While trying to get more pictures of the flower, I noticed these others that I couldn't help but shoot.

Butterfly Pea in deep shade
And here is a future butterfly.

I guess you never know what you will find when you aren't looking.