Monday, April 9, 2012

NOT Snakes

Yesterday I brought you images of some of the snakes we have been seeing around the property.  Today I am going to lighten things up and share you with you something a little sweeter, smaller, less dangerous.

While cleaning the guest room bathroom, I noticed movement out the bedroom window.  A small house plant on the table was shifting in a breeze.  I moved closer to see how much wind could be seen in the trees.  While I was looking, a small bird landed on the table.  I must have made it nervous because he didn't stay long.

View of the porch through the window screen
I went and pulled out my Birds of Texas book to see if I could identify the little guy, but could only narrow it down to a wren or thrush of some kind.  I was going to need another longer and more detailed look.  So I grabbed my camera and went to the window to wait.

While I was waiting I noticed that there appeared to be a nest built in the crate on the same table.  I went to the porch to get a better look and a small bird flew out at me.

Can you see the dry grass and branches in the corner?  Ignore the dead Poinsettia.
I looked closer and found there to be 5 small eggs tucked into the small nest.  You can get the scale of how tiny they are comparing them with the broken brick the nest is on.

I love the materials  used to build this nest: Spanish Moss, Grapevine, dried twigs
Now that I knew what the eggs looked like (about 3/4 of an inch long and mottled), the construction of the nest (dome shaped in a protected area), and got a better view of the mother, I knew it was a Carolina Wren.

Carolina Wren Eggs
These eggs are each the size of a dime!

Click here to hear the song of a Carolina Wren.  Breck and I have been hearing this a lot lately.  Makes sense now that we know we have them around.

It will be fun to watch these guys hatch and grow.  I may try to take the screen off the window to get better shots without disturbing the growing family.  The nest opening faces the window.

So is this better than the snakes?