Monday, April 16, 2012

More Dear Jane

I have not been very productive with my Dear Jane quilt lately, and frankly am behind in my goal.  That is in part due to the high visitor traffic this month (hooray for family and friends) which has kept me occupied with other things: long walks looking for petrified wood and butterflies, getting to know my new grandoggie, and spending time with a toddler who just wanted to make friends with my cats (next time, Zachary).

Back to work time.  Yesterday I was able to finish off two blocks while watching Doctor Who with my husband and son.

Today I knocked off one more.

Seems I may be back on track.  I still have 7 to go by the end of the month with more company in this weekend and next.  Now if my allergies would just give me a break long enough to enjoy my sewing that would be a plus.