Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Mod Podge Clip Boards

I began work on the party favors for the Cookie Exchange next week.   While Amanda had been working on the recipe cards I decided to cover mini clipboards with Christmas kitchen scrapbook paper.  I got my supplies together in the kitchen.

I cut the paper to size and coated the clipboard with Mod Podge.  I smoothed out the paper to get a good seal then put another coat on top. After I Mod Podged over the paper I put the board on a mason jar to dry.

I used a twisted paper clip to hold the clipboard clip open while it dried.

The one on the left is almost dry and the one on the right has just been coated.

Here are some of the other papers I used.

I love Mod Podge.

While I was crafting away, Breck was wrapping presents with Kracken's help.  Cameron, this is yours!

So here they all are drying over night.

It felt nice to make something again after spending so much time decorating.