Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Swedish Weaving Complete

You may recall that Cheryl Mathias did a guest post for me on a Swedish Weaving project she was working on (see Guest Post: Swedish Weaving).  She has completed her work and is back to let us know how it went.  Thanks, Cheryl.

Finally, I’ve finished my first Swedish Weaving project. It was a large project for my first but I love the finished product.

After finishing the pattern using the yarn I had to finish the ends & the side. First I had to decide how much fringe to leave at the end of the afghan. Next I pulled the thread out of the Monks cloth to mark where the fringe would start. All the threads from there to the end had to go.

Once that was marked I had to zig zag the rows above the fringe to prevent it from fraying. Since this is my first project & I am worked about that I sewed it four times. That’s probably overkill but I’d rather be on the safe side. Next I had to remove all those threads to create the fringe.
Then it was time to finish the sides. I had made a mistake when stitch the pattern. When you get to the side you should end with the yarn on the back side of the garment. This is very important so you can catch all the yarn into the seam you create. Since I hadn’t done this I had to pull all the ends from the front to the back. Much easier to do while making the pattern! Once that was complete I was able to sew the sides, catching the yarn in the seam. Any yarn ends outside the seam needed to be trimmed.

And there you have it – the finished product.

It was fun to make. I’m looking forward to my next project – a 20 inch pillow using ribbon to make the pattern. Now, there’s a challenge.