Saturday, October 29, 2011

My Favorite Cookbook

Today I have a book review for you.  I know, strange.  The book I want to tell you about is a cookbook that I have had for 19 years and is my favorite although I forgot it was my favorite.  It doesn't have big color pictures and large pretty fonts.  It's a cookbook and it is all about soup (and bread).

It's pages are stained (I'll spare you the photo of THAT) and some are bent back, but I love this book.  I had actually forgotten about it for the last few years as I am embarrassed to say I find most of my recipes on the internet these days.  A friend at work was talking about Black Bean Soup and I remembered my recipe and where it came from, though I have not made it since 1993!  It's on page 194 if you are wondering.  I love the fact that I have found it again just in time for fall.  If you, my reader, have learned nothing else about me (aside for my passion for quilting and sewing) you know I love soup, and the cooler air of fall is perfect for cooking a pot of hearty soup on the stove all day.  It is a wonderful torture to smell the aroma drifting in every corner of the house for hours.

Just this week while I was cooking my Roasted Tomato Soup I posted my Facebook status as  "Sitting on the porch while my soup is cooking, enjoying a cool evening, listening to the geese fly over head and the coyotes howling at them.  Life is pretty darn great right now."  Yep, I love fall.  Now I am waiting for the first time the heater turns on and the smell of the dust that made it past the air filters all year long and settled begins to heat, and puts out a smell that you only smell once a year.  It doesn't last long and only happens on that one day a year. How special.  Yes, my nostalgia can be odd.  I love the details.

But back to the book.  It is wonderful and available in print still.  I saw it on Amazon new and used.  I also found Crescent has since written many new cookbooks.  There is one that has my daughter-in-law's name written all over it.  Shhhh.  Don't tell her.  Christmas is coming you know (insert wink).