Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I've Missed You

It has been a long time, friends.  All is well, but I have been busy.  Lots of weekend company has kept me on my toes and many of my recent tasks have not been blog worthy.  It's time to get back on track.

Last weekend we had a house full.   Lots of horseshoes, boccie ball  in the front yard and some cooking squeezed in.  We had Lasagna Soup which was really good and we made some cookies that were a bit of a hit and miss.  I did make a grilled cheese sandwich on Ciabatta bread with avocado, tomato, provolone, parmigiana, and my homemade pesto.  I drizzled a bit of olive oil on the bread and cooked it on the stove.  My daughter-in-law took a photo and sent it to me, but I can't find it.  She said it was great.

I also went to a workshop on Friday to learn more about making and using work jobs with children with disabilities.  It was a great use of my time and I am sure you will see a post on it in the coming day.

This Friday is my classroom's turn to do our Friday luncheon at work.  We have a Halloween theme this week so you will see a post on that as well.

It is the end of the line for my Earth Box 2011 cucumbers.  I'll do a post on that later and let you know how things went.

Sorry for no photos, and my lack of attention, and thank you for following me even in these dry times.