Thursday, October 6, 2011

Do Not Resuscitate

I got the call.  "My name is Curtis.  Please call me back concerning your sewing machine."  So of course I called back expecting the worst.  "Ma'am, this is a very sick machine."  Yes, he really said that.  Bottom line was that they could fix my girl, but she had so many things wrong including the computer's mother board that it made it impractical. I must say I was not completely surprised.  I bought a new machine, same make and model as the retired one.

Can't tell them apart can you?

Well, I can.  Let me tell you the changes that Janome has made to the Gem over the past 4 years.  The power cord is 18" shorter.  This is important since the Gem is billed as a lightweight machine (12 lbs.) perfect for travel.  When a bunch (gaggle?) of quilters get together for retreats there is not a plug every 3 feet for you to plug into and you need a long cord.  The second difference is the foot pedal.

The new one is plastic not metal.  When I first pulled this out of the box my initial opinion was disappointment.  However, after using it I found that I like the plastic one better.  Since it is much taller it does not slip under my sewing cabinet whereas my not-so-tall metal one needed constant adjustment.  The cord on this was also shorter by 4".

So my question is what changes were made to the inside of the machine that I can't see?  Hopefully none that will compromise its longevity.  I will say I did not realize how bad my machine had gotten before sewing on the new one.  The new one is so smooth.

After getting it out of the box and set up I immediately began sewing.  I needed to finish the lanyards to put out at school.  Big change here, though.  Now instead of making Christmas money I am trying to pay for my new machine.

Marah and I put out our goodies in the teacher's lounge and we were met with wonderful support from the staff.  I didn't make more last night, dinner with friends instead, but I am sure I will be back at my new machine tonight.  I think I will call her Jane.