Monday, October 17, 2011

Christmas Potholders: The Beginning

As you know I HAD to buy a new sewing machine.  As you may or may not know they are VERY expensive.  In an effort to make back some of my cost I have been making items to sell at my job.  It started out with lanyards, and I will be making more Christmas ones once Halloween is over, but now I am working on holiday potholders.  I think they will make perfect hostess gifts.

I began by getting out some of my Christmas stash.

Several pieces would be perfect, but I narrowed it down and cut my selections.  I cut them into 8 x 8 squares.  I plan to make the potholders in pairs using the same backing on both.

I've cut for 6 and will probably make a few more but not many.  I don't want any duplicates so each one will be unique.  I also don't want to make more than I know I can sell.

This is a small post, but it took some time to narrow down what I wanted to do. Tomorrow I will start to put a few together.  My plan is to make some with presents, wreaths, Christmas trees, and may be a snowflakes.