Friday, August 26, 2011


How do you feel about owls?  I never really thought about them myself until a recent perusing of my Halloween fabrics.   Really my inspiration was two fold:  Halloween fabric and my yo-yo bunny.  Yo-yo bunny can't stay out when I put Crackers or my Halloween quilt on the bed.  Cheery 30's prints just don't coordinate with him.  So I knew I wanted to make something that was not a pillow to replace him.  Why not an owl?  Seems like a great fall/Halloween animal, right?

Here is how I got started.  I grabbed some paper out of the recycling bin at work and began to cut.  Since I knew it would be symetrical it was easy to make a pattern.  After all, there just are not many pieces: body, beak, wings, eyes, head.

Once I had the pattern made I chose my fabrics and cut the little guy out.  I say little guy because he is.  Finished he will only be 10" x 8".  This may end up being a mistake and I will wish I had made him larger, but I wanted him to be an accent to the pillows not the focal point.

So  the fabric is cut and it's time to assemble.  I think Rudy has missed me this week now that I am back to work because he would not leave my side during this project.

I made a blanket stitch around the wings on the body then sewed the body to the head.

From the Front
From the Back
To cut the back I flipped the pattern over to pin to the fabric.  You can see I really was upcycling this paper from the recycling bin.

At this point I have blanket stitched on all my facial features and am now faced with two options for continuing.

I opted for the button eyes and sewed them in place with my sewing machine with the feed dogs down.  Now the back and front get sewn together leaving an opening at the bottom for turning and stuffing.  Here he is all turned and pressed.  You will notice that I basted the bottom open seams (not together) to help me line them up for whip stitching when it's stuffed.  He measures 8"x 10".

  Whip the bottom closed and I'm done.  Alone he might be a little creepy.

But he is really perfect with his other pillow buddies.

Next time may be some feet would be cute.  I'll keep this pattern in a folder because who who who knows, I may want to make more (smaller beak next time?).  May be one to match my Halloween quilt.

I am working on a pattern to download with step by step directions if anyone would like them.  This is a 2 hour project.