Monday, August 22, 2011

Surprise, More Pillows

I decided to put Crackers on the bed and put Summer Breeze away in the closet.  That means new pillows were needed.  Darn.

The first one was fairly simple:  9" center with a 1" black border and 2 1/2" floral border.  A black button in the center really completes the look.  Looks great with Crackers.

The next one needed to have a bit more color.  Luckily I have scraps left over to do this.  This pattern is called Churn Dash.

I still need one more pillow for the bed, maybe a log cabin.  A small pillow for the chair to tie the bolder reds and yellows with the blues of the chair would be nice as well.

I have a new tab with projects I can't qualify as quilts called Other Projects.  My parents took photos of postcards and a wall hanging that had been gifts for my mother and those can be seen there.  They also photographed quilts I made for each of them and those are now in the Quilts I Made section.

Got a great shot of a butterfly in my Dianthus this afternoon.  Not as brightly colored as the Monarchs earlier this summer, but beautiful none the less.

I am also making headway on my DWR.  I sewed the first 2 long rows to each other and began putting row 5 together.  More pictures of that another day.

For all my foodie fans, I promise to have a cooking post soon.  And to all, feel free to reply to any post with suggestions of things you would like to see.