Thursday, August 25, 2011

Recipe Cards

I spent a little quality time on pinterest today after work.  I came across a pin by my daughter-in-law of a recipe book made with homemade recipe cards.  Great post idea, right?

The idea is to use a template to create 4 x 6 recipe cards that are put into a photo album with sleeves for 4 x 6 photos.  So I spent some time trying to figure out how to use their template to no avail.  (click here to see the template). Why not make my own, I thought.

I must have spent 3 hours (no lie) trying to create my own template on Word 2010.  No luck.  I just couldn't make one I liked that would be easy to drop new photos into when I wanted to make a new card.

So I got online and found another template that I thought might work.

This was an amazing template, but wait, it's not a template.  The blogger had created this for herself.  How did she make it?  She used a very expensive program called Illustrator.  Way out of my budget for making recipe cards.  I might be able to do this with something that I have on my computer now, but that will wait until another day.  I'm tired.

But this was not all wasted time.  There are a lot of people out there doing amazingly creative things.  Looking at their stuff gave me ideas of my own.  I did find a way to make a picture of the recipe that I was happy with.

Love the Polaroid look.   I may revisit this project, but for now I am over it.  

Was this a waste of time?  Not really. This is something I would really like to do someday.  May be I'll just spend a weekend afternoon gathering all the recipes that are worth of going into a recipe book.  Those recipes I know I will go back to over and over.  But as for my evening I got to relax on the sofa with my lap top exploring my creativity.  I had a nice conversation with my husband, enjoyed a little TV.  But tomorrow it's back to the grind stone.  Ready to make some real progress on my DWR.  I need to get this finished if I hope to have it quilted by the end of the year when the temperatures drop.