Monday, August 1, 2011

The Quilt Is Finished!

I have off and on been excited about my Crackers quilt.  Lately it has been all excitement.  Designing the borders was a challenge, but now that it is finished I am more excited about the next step.

Here it is on the guest bed.  This is a queen so you can tell this is a large quilt.

Inhibitors found it fun to play hide and seek under the edges while it hung on my design wall.

Inhibitor 1
Inhibitor 2

When Kracken got tire of Hide and Seek he opted for Tag.  Look out, Rudy!

I need to make a trip to the quilt store.  Darn.  I will pick out the fabric for the backing of the quilt and get some batting (the fluffy stuff on the inside that makes a quilt cozy).  Once I have those things I can sandwich the layers and begin quilting it together.  That will be interesting since the quilt is larger than I had originally thought and it will be tricky to fit it into my machine.

Our raccoon was back last night.  Breck finally got to see the little guy.  He is still trying to get into the garage.  Took a few more bits out of the weather stripping, tried chewing on the other side of the door, scratched and clawed, and tried to peel the trim off the wall.

No avail.  But I have no doubt he will return tonight.  May be I can get a photograph this time.

The cats were very playful today at a time when I had my camera so there are new Inhibitor photos on the Inhibitor page.  Cute, cute, cute.