Saturday, August 6, 2011

My Worker Bees Do Not Agree

Some where in my brain there is an anal worker bee screaming "No, you can't sew over different fabrics with the same pattern.  Each fabric should be treated separately and get it's own stitching."

Another more free-thinking worker bee is trying to scream over him saying "Yes you can cross fabric lines, but only in each block and by no means should you stitch over the sashing."

I have another one who is the most persistent and safe and he is whispering so he won't exert too much energy (he's a lazy bee) who is saying "Just meander your stitches all over the whole thing and be done."

Now there is some merit to what he is saying.  It will be faster but more importantly it is forgiving.  Since it is not a set pattern mistakes will not be visible.

No matter what I do I cannot reconcile my bees.  I have quilted a block but I am not happy with it so I'll be taking those stitches out.

I let my free-thinking bee take over on that one.  The problem is I was not able to execute the plan to the standards of my anal bee (I am out of practice and my curves are not soft) and it was going to be a problem  for my lazy bee when it came to the stress of managing the bulk of fabric on the inner blocks.  I also decided I don't want the pattern to originate in the center; too distracting.

But first some breakfast.  Pancakes with peach syrup and bacon.

Unsewing to get a fresh start.  The term is actually "ripping", but that is just too harsh for me this morning.

I think my bee's are happy.  We have found a compromise.  I WILL sew over the sashing, BUT keep the stitching within the blocks separate per fabric.  The long straight grid is great for my lazy practical bee since I can go long stretches without having to stop and straight lines are simple to create.

I am happy I have a plan.  Now to execute.  I'm thinking straight lines first so I can take out the pins.

My bobbin thread is making loops on the bottom of my fabric.  I have never had that happen before on my machine.  Luckily I know I trick (not ideal by any means) for fixing this so I don't have to rip any more.  Yes, I said rip this time.  

Research online suggested adjusting the screw on my bobbin.  I think I'll try a new needle first.

Needle didn't work, but I did find a Janome dealer here.  I'm going to pack it in and head over to see if they can help.   My trick for tightening up the loops isn't working so all these stitches will need to be ripped out.  

Didn't go to the dealer.  I figured out the problem at the last minute.  The thread I bought for this quilt is a silk like thread so it slips.  Adjusted the tension more than I ever have and now it works.  However, I am putting it aside for today.  Tomorrow I will start fresh.  May be I will do a little ripping while I watch some SciFi channel.