Saturday, August 20, 2011

I See A Theme

Lots going on today.  I started out by planning my next quilt project.  I started a Double Wedding Ring 3 years ago on a retreat.  The pattern is overwhelming.  So many curves and pieces.  I had past the difficult, tedious part about a year ago when all my sewing stuff went into storage.  Now it's time to finish this guy so I can move on.

I have 4 of 8 rows complete and up on my design wall.  The rows run vertically in this picture.  I just need to sew them together.

I have all my pieces ready to go to make the next 4 rows.

When this is finished I will be ready to sew the rows together so I can send it off the be quilted.  This is a king sized quilt.  Huge.  I thought at the time that I needed to make a Double Wedding Ring (DWR) to really call myself a quilter and I knew I would only ever make one since they are so much work, so I went big.

Now that I have a plan to complete my DWR, I can work some more on the Wedding Purse (the wedding theme just happened).  I marked the upper petals, pinned and sewed them together and  put fray check on the raw edge.

Now they are turned right side out and they are ready to attach.  I'll get to that later.

Last night a gopher came through the yard.  Do you know how I know this?

No Bill Murray or Rodney Dangerfield, though.  May be next time.  I sure would like to see the little guy someday.  Breck and I came close once.  While we were standing next to the rock wall by our drive way he was working his way underground behind it.  Little piles of dirt began falling from between the rocks.

Now back to the sewing room for a bit.  I'll have my DWR and wedding purse progress to show you tomorrow as well as a new poll tomorrow night.