Sunday, August 21, 2011

"Gophers. The little brown, furry rodents." Caddyshack

Look who came back last night.

                              August 19th 3 piles of dirt                                 August 20th at least 7

When I saw this I went to get my camera to take the picture you see above.  Funny thing is I could hear him underground nibbling the roots of the grass or trees.  Looking at how far apart his piles were and hearing his chewing I knew exactly where he was and determined I would wait him out.  I set my camera to film so I would be sure to get a picture.

As I was waiting I noticed something else.

This little guy was right next to the last pile that the gopher had made.  I was captivated by his coloring and  markings.  I moved around to his back side to try to get a better shot, but it scared him off.  The vibrations from my footsteps must have frightened the gopher as well.  He went silent.  I waited as long as I could, but eventually needed to retire to the kitchen for dinner.  When I researched snakes for my county I found that he was a corn snake.  Good to know.  Not poisonous.  Also good to know.

I love my Inhibitors.  They are constantly providing me with cheap entertainment.  I finally found myself in the sewing room with my camera when Kracken showed me how he gets to his new favorite napping spot.


This kept him out of my way so I could finish the Wedding Purse.  All I really had left was sewing the top edge and threading the ribbon.  I used a crochet hook to pull the ribbon through the casing.

The purse came out very cute, but I have concerns about the pattern.

Let me start by saying I may not have made this exactly to the desigers specifications.  She is vague in her directions and provides only finished product pictures.  This made assembly difficult.  The biggest obstacle I must overcome if I use this design on my cousin's dress is the number of layers of fabric I am working with:  8 layers of fabric.

(1) outer petal, (2) outer petal lining, (3) inner petal, (4) inner petal lining, (5) outer petal folded over, (6) outer petal lining folded over, (7) and (8) casing made from folded over inner petal and lining.

It seems logical that the casing could be made with only 4 layers, but the photos that were posted with the pattern show other wise.  The problem is that the drawstring doesn't work smoothly and won't pull tight because there is too much fabric bulk.  I will spend some time this week working on a better way and make another prototype.  I'll let you know how it goes.