Saturday, August 27, 2011

Fall Ensemble Complete

We have the quilt, two bed pillows, one owl pillow and all that was needed was a pillow for the chair and a mini quilt for the clothes line.  Luckily my friend Andrea gave me so much coordinating fabric that I still had enough left to make these.  Ta Da!

I will say, though, I did have to piece the back since I am running low on large pieces of the leftovers.

You can see how important the blue in the measuring tape was in helping this pillow make sense on the chair.  It then in turn makes the blue chair fit with the new pieces.  It I used only the red, yellow, white, green, and black it would not have matched as well.

Here is the mini quilt for the clothes line frame.

Now my room is ready for fall and so am I. (Forecast today 108)  I will keep this out until October 1st, then put out the Halloween.  After Halloween this will go back in the room and get me through until the day after Thanksgiving when my Christmas will go out.  I did not plan to make items for all the holidays.  I thought when I was finished with my 30's fabrics that I would be done.  I guess I just got on a roll.

Here are the two seasons I have completed so far.

The Fall Collection
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The Spring/Summer Collection
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Now I need to get to work on Halloween.  I already have the quilt, 1 pillow, and the framed mini quilt.  It's a start.