Friday, August 5, 2011

Everything I Knew It Would Be

The chair is ready  Not just ready.  Ready and fabulous.  Casey and I picked it up yesterday.  The color and pattern are perfect and the new legs are amazing.  The people working on it finish so quickly (Brazos Valley Decorative Center in Bryan).  Enough words.  Pictures.

In the room with the quilts and other blues it fits so nicely.

Aside from drooling over the chair every time I walk down the hallway, I plan to get a little mulch laid in the front yard where the clearing took place on Tuesday (picture below).  Breck chipped up a wheelbarrow and a bag full for me.  It's very light in color now because the wood was freshly cut.

Here is the after with my light fresh mulch added to the older stuff we put down a few weeks ago.  I know the shadows make it difficult to see, but I got my work done in the morning while it was still 84 degrees.

I am also working on the quilting design for Crackers.  Here is what I am considering for the 20 blocks.

Option 1
Option 2

This is the scary part for me.  The quilting is so much work and stressful to control the fabric under the machine and this quilt is BIG.  Lots to control.  Simple will be better. 

Something has found my cucumbers so I will have to keep an eye on that.