Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Empty Nest

My son Cameron moved to his first apartment today while I was at work.  His friend drove down in a rented U-haul and they packed up his stuff, some furniture, and headed out.  It dawned on me when work was over that I would go home to a house that was a little bit quieter, a little more empty.  Now there will be no long stays over Christmas, Spring  and Summer breaks because he will have his place and his job and that is okay.  Really.  Okay.  But tonight I did not make anything.  No sewing, no dinner, no work in the yard, though I did turn on a sprinkler.  Tonight there was an emptiness that needed to be filled.

Yes, folks.  That's one grapefruit, some parmesan cheese, 3 Ensures, some jelly, butter, syrup, chicken breasts, garlic, and eggs.  (Did you think I was going to get all mushy?) This emptiness was not good.  Off to the store.

$177.92 later I have a stocked freezer, pantry, and refrigerator.

Fresh produce makes me happy.  The pears, tomato, and onion are on the counter, but the other veggies and fruits are chilling.  So is the tuna steak in the butcher's wrap.  I see a cooking blog in my future.

I will say, Breck and I were smart and hit up Subway (6" BMT on Italian Herb, baby) before shopping so our choices were smart.  Shopping hungry is never a good idea.  We must have been thirsty, though, because besides the juice and flavored water you see here we got Gatorade and soda.

So even though I did not cook or sew, my day was a productive one and that has always been the goal.