Sunday, August 14, 2011

Crackers and a Birthday Cake

I am in the last stage of quilting my Crackers.  Really once I had the pattern figured out and the tension fixed it went quickly.  Once that was done I just needed to give it a trim to square it all up.

Next I made the binding (the fabric strip that goes around the edge of the quilt that hides all the raw fabric edges and keeps them from fraying) from left overs from my backing.  I made them into long 2 1/2" strips, cut them on a 45 degree angle with the right sides (pretty sides) together. and sewed them into an even longer strip long enough to go around the whole quilt.

Then I folded that strip down the middle length wise and ironed it  so I had a folded edge and raw edges together.

Then I began to stitch it to my quilt leaving a 12 inch tail at the beginning with all raw edges aligned.

I stopped when I got 1/4" from the end, lifted my needle and cut the thread.  Next I turned the fabric to make the corner.  Fold fabric up, then lay it back down, then dropped my needle at 1/4" and began sewing again repeating these steps at each corner.

When I got to the end and had two tails of fabric left, I sewed them together (a trick to show you another day) and was ready to start the hand work.  This is where I fold the binding over the raw edges and whip stitch together.  I love this part.  It is peaceful and relaxing and I enjoy every stitch.

The next pictures I post of Crackers will be of a completed quilt.  Feels good.

Today we have family getting together to Celebrate my son's 20th birthday.  I'm off to the grocery store to get some goodies.  Not set on a menu.  I'll see what looks good when I get there.  I do know I will be making a new birthday cake today.  The one I made last night had a problem.

When I looked at the box I knew why.

How did that happen?