Saturday, August 13, 2011

Almond Extract: Is that Italian Enough?

I debated on whether or not I would use this project as a post.  It's so simple, but in the end I loved the way my process photos turned out so it made the cut.  Besides, Kracken got involved which made it cute.  And almonds are Italian so it works.

We recycle paper, #1 and #2 plastic, corrigated cardboard, and green and clear glass.  I have bins in the garage for sorting and drive it to town for drop off when the bins are full.  I was bringing out my never ending pile of junk mail to the paper bin and spotted this at the bottom of my glass bin.

This little almond extract bottle was begging to be upcycled.  Loved the shape of an old apothecary bottle.  I thought it would make a cute little vase in the guest room or guest bathroom.  So I brought it in and rinsed it out.  At this point I could have probably put it in the dishwasher and hoped that the label would fall off, but I wanted to do something else.  A little soap and warm water I thought would do the trick.

I put warm water in one of my small jelly jars with a few drops of dish soap and dropped in the extract bottle.

I let it soak for for about 15 minutes while I rotated some laundry.

When I took it out of the soak I found the label was ready to peel.  After a little rub down with a towel this is what if have.

I cut a few sunflowers from the front yard.

Kracken apparently loves sunflowers.

Yep, I love my cute little bottle.  I may need to start paying better attention to my recycling bins from now on.