Saturday, July 23, 2011

Let My Trumpet Vine Bloom

After a week of drying out, most of the leaves on my grapevine trellis are all brown and ready to fall off.

                                 before  7/17/2011                                           after 7/22/2011

I pulled off a lot of the leaves and you can see how nice the vine looks.  The vine is holding nicely.

Breck dug a hole for our new Trumpet (Cross) Vine.  The ground is so dry it looks like ash from a fire pit floating into the air with every shovel full.  Hard to believe anything is surviving this drought.


We gave it a lot of water and wrapped the vine tendrils around the trellis to give it a start.  I am pretty sure this is going to be a good location for it.  Plenty of sun during the day, but late afternoon shade when it gets real hot.  It is also protected from the wind being down hill a bit.

                             trumpet flower                  view from the back side      view from the front side

I know I told you yesterday that I would have more about my Halloween Cathedral Window Pillow and I am gathering stuff for that, but I won't have more until tomorrow.  My good friend Diane's daughter Jessica is coming today to spend the weekend with us so I have other things I will be doing.  She will be staying in the guest room that I have been working so hard on this summer.  Hope she likes it.

Meanwhile my cucumbers are doing well and I have updated my "Earth Box 2011", "My Inhibitors", and my "Quilts I Made" pages.  Life is good.