Thursday, June 30, 2016

A Bad Day for Bugs

When I went through my photos from yesterday I noticed something interesting.

Mockingbird with a small grasshopper.
Many of the birds I shot photos of all had something in common.  Some were mamas.

Mockingbird with a spider.
Some were papas.

Lucky Grackle with a moth AND  a grasshopper.
And one was a young guy still learning to fend for himself.

Young Blue Jay with a grub.
But they were all hungry for lunch including this guy who caught 2 fish at once.

Then dropped one.

And had to settle for one big bite.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Thank you, Lady Bird Johnson

Wildflowers in Texas are amazing in the spring (thank you Lady Bird Johnson), but did you know that summer is just as beautiful?

Basket Flower
Next time you are out and about look around and you will see that everything is not just green.  Wildflowers pop up everywhere.

Mexican Hat
I love not only taking pictures of all things nature around me, but the research in my books and on the internet to try and find the names of the various flora and fauna is just as interesting to me.

Shame Boy
Indian Paitbrush
However, sometimes I come up empty, unable to find definitively what something is.

I don't usually give up.   But sometimes I have more of a desire to get back out to park and experience more than I do sitting on my couch looking for answers.

Slender Verbena
So I'm off!  Some unlabeled, but there is a park out there that I haven't seen that is calling my name.