Friday, January 23, 2015

Chaos and More Chaos.

Yesterday was one of those days I wondered if there really is something to Chaos Theory.  If a butterfly flaps its wings in Central Park will the lights go out in Georgia?  If I had not run out of coffee yesterday morning and needed to run through a drive through on my way to work to get some, but left late because the electricity went out and showed it was ten minutes earlier than it was, so I was rushing to get to work on time, would the tree limb have fallen over in my front yard into ground soft from being rain soaked and broken the main water line into my house and spewed gallons and gallons of water all day before I arrived home from work late from grocery shopping?

Maybe not.  Chaos Theory.  So this morning I had to make a hard choice with the one bottle of water I had in the house (because my water line is off until I can get a plumber):  wash my face and hands, brush my teeth, or make coffee.  You know me.  I made coffee.  I can brush and wash at work.  But my poor inhibitors don't understand why they are not getting their morning drink.

And because chaos begets more chaos, the battery on my truck's security system died during all this.  Now it is stuck in the driveway where I slammed it into park last night to try and figure out how to turn of the water until I can get a new battery for the security beeper.  Luckily, my neighbor works close to me and is going to give me a ride this morning.  If I didn't have such giving people around me to help with days like this one was I would have been more stressed.  As it is I just have a good story to tell.

Thanks, Brent, for bringing out your chainsaw in the rain and cold to help me move the tree.  Thank you, Lucy, for feeding me and giving me your plumber's number.  Thanks, Brenda, for giving me a ride.

Monday, January 19, 2015

A Little Like My Grandmother's

My grandmother used to keep plants in a big picture window in her dining room.  It's something I haven't thought about in years.

In fact, I may not have recalled that memory if it had not been for my desire to have more plants in my house.

As it turns out my dinning room window gets perfect morning light.

After buying a few new plants from the clearance rack (also known as the "need a good home and loving care" rack) at Lowe's, I moved my hallway table to position them to take advantage of that eastern light.

So far they seem to be doing well.

Even my little $1 finds have perked up with a little fresh dirt and careful pruning.

Breck and I checked every plant we bought for toxicity since we know our Inhibitors tend to nibble on my plants, as you can see from some the the leaves on this Bromeliad.

I also moved my outdoor ficus (indoors for the winter) into a corner where it can get good light as well.  I cleaned the leaves of the dirt that had accumulated on its leaves over the year and borrowed a footstool from the living room to raise it up.  It seems to have responded already.

I also took a couple clippings from my succulents to see if I can get some new babes to grow.

Since I was changing things up anyway, I configured a new centerpiece with Breck's collection of bourbons and some wood and petrified wood we have collected from around the property.

After 4 years of living in the house, Breck and I had our first meal for two in the dinning room.  Removing 2 leaves and the plants just make it seem cozier.

I still haven't shown you the bedroom changes, but now that the sun is out again I can get some good pictures.  Next time.